In line with the Corporate Philosophy, Hydraulic Pros considers occupational health and safety to be a critical responsibility of management. Our Health and Safety Philosophy is “Hydraulic Pros makes health and safety the first priority in all of our work.” Based on this philosophy, all managers and employees work to ensure health and safety in their workplaces while continuously striving to make working environments more pleasant and comfortable for all.

The Top "10" Reasons to use Hydraulic Pros:

1. EXPERIENCE - You get the right product the first time.

2. CUSTOMER SERVICE - Our customers get the service and professionalism they deserve, prompt call-backs and no sitting on hold.

3. INVENTORY - We stock hydraulic and pneumatic components and parts. If we do not stock the part you need, we will get them fast!

4. SALES CALLS - We can schedule visits to help maintain warehouse needs, help manage stock & help with any organizational needs.

5. INTERCHANGEABILITY - If we cannot meet your delivery time due to the lead time, we have the resources to interchange to another manufacturer's product: this means less down time and higher productivity for you.

6. PRICE - You can take advantage of our purchasing power.

7. REPAIR - Large or small / mobile or industrial / all work done by experienced technicians....just call for pickup.

8. TRAINING - With your personnel on an on-going basis with the use of catalogs, films, etc. Knowledge of hydraulic / pneumatic systems and components is your best deterrent against malfunctions and breakdowns.

9. DELIVERIES - We deliver our products whenever we can, which can save you days of valuable time.

10. SPECIALS - We will mail monthly or quarterly newsletters with information on special purchases, maintenance tips, new products, other company overstocks, etc.

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