Pickup & Delivery

Our in-house repair department focuses on scheduling timelines that work best for you. Our technicians are equipped to pick-up and deliver your hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and components and our urgent quoting system allows for a quick diagnosis and prompt pickup of broken components. Our team will tend to your assets, working diligently to deliver quality repairs with your best interest in mind.

  • Build or Customize Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Refurbish Machine Components
  • Lathe Abilities
  • Weld Repair
  • CNC Capabilities
  • Design New Hydraulic Layouts
  • Repair/Inspect Cylinders, Motors, Pumps, Actuators, and More
  • Schedule Maintenance Plans
  • Tubing Capabilities

Please note that our in-house repair abilities are not limited to those listed above!

Project Gallery

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We have used many companies in the past and experienced many problems with faulty repairs. For the past four years we have had Hydraulic Pros repair our difficult repairs in regards to hydraulic cylinders. They have consistently given us timely service with excellent workmanship. I highly recommend Hydraulic Pros for any necessary repairs.

Robert P.

Walk-In & On-Site Services

Our technicians use everything from milling machines and lathes to basic, but indispensable equipment such as metal cutting saws, lapping tables, and drills. We work with the CAD-CAM and CNC equipment to fabricate parts from scratch and even reverse-engineer replacement parts that are no longer available.
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