Pneumatic Cylinder Repair / Replacement

Whether it is the smallest pneumatic cylinder to the largest industrial grade cylinder, Hydraulic Pros provides the best cylinder repair service in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas. We house equipment that can accommodate most cylinder requirements. Our machine shop enables us to handle minor and major cylinder repair jobs, and our turnaround rate is unmatched by any of our competitors.

All cylinders go through an intense visual and dimensional inspection. To ensure trueness, all rods are turned and indicated on either a lathe or our precision roller table. Barrels are checked for the right bore size, dents, and scratches. Lastly, the sealing areas of the cylinder are examined with micrometers. If needed, cylinders are upgraded to ensure a longer, lasting life.

All of the sealing products we use for cylinder repair service meet the OEM standards and specifications. Our quality control methods are the best in the industry. Furthermore, all of our cylinders are 100% pressure tested before we return it back to you. You will not find a better business that offers hydraulic cylinder repair and custom machining. With our experience, we know that the heart of your business lies in your machinery working properly, which means the cylinders have to be reliable.

A failure can result in a loss of profit and production. This is the very reason we repair our cylinders to last with precision machining, heavy-duty seals, and sturdy bearings. In our cylinder repair department, we work endlessly so that your company can continue to run smoothly.

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Walk-In & On-Site Services

We recognize the importance of process planning for part production. Even the simplest parts usually involve multiple procedures before they meet specifications. Our craftsmen have access to all necessary tools, including precision micrometers, calipers, and optical inspection equipment to check the progress of parts as they go through various processes.
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