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Industrial Mechanics is a comprehensive introduction to industrial mechanical principles, components, and circuits. This textbook provides information on safety and system efficiency and is designed as a training resource for mechanics, technicians, maintenance personnel, and individuals in industrial training programs. This edition includes content on test tool safety and fastening methods, as well as expanded content on electrical safety, electrical applications, hydraulic component testing, and hydraulic system troubleshooting.


• Workplace Safety

• Tools and Tool Safety

• Fastening Methods

• Printreading

• Precision Measurement

• Rigging

• Lifting

• Lubrication

• Bearings

• Flexible Belt Drives

• Mechanical Drives

• Vibration

• Alignment

• Electrical Principles

• Electrical Applications

• Hydraulic Principles

• Hydraulic Applications

• Pneumatic Principles

• Pneumatic Applications

• Preventive Maintenance Programs


Author(s): Albert W. Kemp

ATP Industrial Mechanics

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