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Pursuing excellence day in and day out.  Offering Premiere Products, Quality Service, & Expert Maintenance.  
To be be truly professional.

ABOUT Hydraulic Pros was founded in 2013 based on hustle and the need to provide unparalleled hydraulic cylinder repair service to our clients.  Today, Hydraulic Pros continues a pattern of growth with grassroots customer focus in the supply, manufacture, and repair of hydraulic systems, components, and automation.  Our 50,000 square foot facility in Fairfield, Ohio operates as the hub for cylinder repair, distribution, and system fabrication.  All our employees, vendors, and constituents are highly skilled and enthusiastic about what they do.  "Professional" is in our name for a reason.

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 Hydraulic Pros was founded on the basic workmanship principle of doing what you say and saying what you do. The company has been driven by this principle since its inception and it will continue to drive us for decades to come. Each employee at Hydraulic Pros believes in their quality of workmanship and this has driven our vertical growth. Pride in our work is our primary business philosophy and it shows through our quality products, competitive pricing, and on-time deliveries.  Hydraulic Pros continually strives to stay on the leading edge of fluid power, interconnection, and motion control; utilizing the latest technologies to offer our clients truly professional results.  We are committed to immediate action as soon as we receive an inquiry.


  • HEART & SOUL - We have a youthful exuberance with an unyielding desire to learn and win together.

  • POSITIVE OUTLOOK - We face all challenges with skill and desire to help achieve a positive result.  We are the future of fluid power and operate as change agents in the fluid power and automation industry.

  • INTEGRITY - Empowering our customers through sound technical and business decision making is grounded by doing the right things, even when our clients are not looking.

  • QUALITY - We strive to achieve the highest standard in all the work that we do and every solution we provide.

  • COMMITMENT - Our foundation is based on the principle of religiously pursuing excellence every day.  We never give in, and we never give up on what we believe to be the best for our clients, employees, and those we serve.  This is our idea of what it means to be truly professional.

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