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WE WORK HAND-IN-HAND with your technicians to partner with industrial applications.  


Preventative Maintenance, Refurbs, Surveys, Hose Tagging, and more.  As a distributor we work hand-in-hand with your service techs to supply what you need when you need it.  From there, troubleshooting, repair, retrofits, and design can improve and keep your equipment and system up-and-running efficiently.

• Custom Hydraulic, Pneumatic, & Industrial Hose Assemblies - MADE WHILE YOU WAIT!

• Drop-Off for Component Repair

• Custom Machining

• Tube Assemblies

• Fittings
• Adaptors

• Quick Disconnects / Couplers

• Filtration

• Pneumatic Components - Filters, Regulators, Lube, & more!

• Gauges

• Clamps

• Seals & O-Rings

• Valves

• Sanitary Couplings

• Cam Locks
• PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

• Safety Equipment

• Oil Spill Kits

• Hose Samples

• Industrial Pressure Washer Wands, Hose, & Nipples

• & More!

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